BTS ARMY split over photos of Jungkook with Jay Park; ‘FreeJungkook’ trend


BTS ARMY has been split after group member Jungkook posed for photos with rapper Jay Park. While some hoped for a collaboration between the two, others worried about Jay Park’s intentions. “#FreeJungkook” also started trending on Twitter as fans feared that Jay Park, who previously criticized BTS, was trying to use Jungkook for publicity purposes. Read also | BTS: V Shares Pics Of His Bruises The Day After PTD Las Vegas Concert, Says He’s “Getting Excited Because It’s The Last Day”

Jay Park took to his Instagram account on Tuesday to share photos from his recent encounter with Jungkook and showered the K-pop star with praise. The first photo was a selfie in which Jungkook pouted as he kept his arm around Jay Park, who was flashing a huge smile. In the second photo, they both posed against a music workstation.

Sharing the photos, Jay wrote: “Even though he is on top he has a growth mindset and he is humble. What a stallion… Plus he is good at boxing… Having met Jk I can definitely understand why they are so loved. Humble, [ambitious] and talented.” Jungkook shared the post on his Instagram Stories.

The post quickly received several comments from fans asking if Jungkook was planning to collaborate with the American rapper, who was previously part of K-pop group 2PM. Many fans commented on “OMG”, with one writing, “Are they making music together? Collab?” Another commented, “Right now I’m going to start praying that they do a song together, out of Jungkook’s comfort zone, something Jay Park style.”

However, much of ARMY was unhappy with the reunion and took to Twitter to say they couldn’t forgive Jay Park. The Seattle-based rapper rose to fame as the frontman of South Korean boy band 2PM in 2008. But he left the band and South Korea and returned home the following year following controversy major when comments he wrote about Korea in 2005 as a teenager were publicized by Korean media.

Moreover, he had also previously criticized BTS in several tweets. He wrote in one such tweet in 2018, “Two people on the plane asked me if I’m part of BTS…lol I need to gain weight.” ARMY quoted those tweets as suggesting that Jungkook is posing with him because he is being held hostage.

“Free Jungkook from Jay Park,” one wrote, while another commented, “Free Jungkook. He only did what he had to, he didn’t mean it #jkheldhostage #jkhostagesituation.” A third wrote, “Jungkook is probably the nicest person on earth I know very well, this mf had a gun on the other side forcing him to take a selfie! Praying that Jungkook made it home safe and except without discovering that he had lost his wallet #freejungkook.” Another commented, “Jay Park is the biggest hypocrite ever because he acted like he didn’t overshadow BTS and ARMYs in the past, but now he’s smiling and acting. like a saint.”

Meanwhile, BTS members Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga and V returned to South Korea after their Permission to Dance concert in Las Vegas. Group leader RM was not seen with them when they arrived at Seoul airport on Tuesday.


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