Chef Antonio Park launches new restaurant in South Korea


If you’ve ever needed an extra reason to visit Korea, despite the current airport chaos, celebrity chef Antonio Park announced over the weekend that he’s launched a new restaurant concept in Seoul.

Located in Seoul’s Cheongdam district, the Cheongdam Center is Park’s first restaurant to open overseas. According to Chef Park, the Center will feature a fusion of Western and Japanese culinary techniques showcasing local Korean ingredients. Other than that, details are relatively slim, but if Chef Park’s position is any indication, the restaurant has also enlisted the expertise of fellow airline ambassador and founder of Seoul Taco and Miniso, the Chef David Choi.

“My foodie friends, I am proud to introduce my first operating restaurant overseas. It is an honor to return to my roots, to the beautiful country where my mother resides, and to continue my culinary journey,” said said Chef Park in his Instagram announcement, “We will be offering dishes that unite East and West. Brunch six days, tapas-style dinner six nights a week – take your pick and discover flavors that represent the heart of my being.

Head over to the Cheongdam Center Instagram page to follow Chef Park’s exciting new adventure.


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