DataStreams donates TeraONE Big Data platform to Cyber ​​University of Korea


Cap / DataStreams CEO Lee Young-sang (L) Donates Won 500 Million TeraONE Company Big Data Platform To Cyber ​​University Of Korea President Kim Jin-sung, in the university studio on Tuesday. (Data flow)

DataStreams announced on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with Cyber ​​University of Korea to cultivate talent in artificial intelligence and big data and donated its TeraONE big data platform worth 500 million won ( $ 447,270) at university.

The signing ceremony, held at the university studio, was attended by CUK President Kim Jin-sung, CUK Research and Business Foundation Director Han Woon-young, DataStreams CEO Lee Young-sang and DataStreams director Lee Sang-ok.

The agreement is the latest example of a partnership between the two parties. Since May, DataStreams and CUK have participated in the Department of Education’s Matchmaking Program, where CUK students who study Big Data train on DataStreams and earn credits.

Through the agreement, the two sides will collaborate on big data and artificial intelligence research and business development, develop and manage the matchmaking program study program, and manage a recruitment program for CUK students.

By donating TeraONE, DataStreams will support the development of a program where CUK students can receive hands-on big data training and take on the role of technical advisor.

“If students can actively use the given platform in their current training program and find meaningful analytical results crucial to the decision-making process of CUK, it will become a success story,” said Lee Young- sang, CEO of DataStreams.

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