Dolton mayor and administrators clash over town hall snub


DOLTON, Ill. — A political row between the mayor of the southern suburb of Dolton and village administrators was exposed to the public Thursday night.

Administrators said they were no longer allowed to enter the town hall.

“We as citizens, as residents of Dolton, have been barred from a building that we pay taxes on, and directors and administrators being barred from this building,” said Deborah White, a resident of long standing in the village of Dolton.

The verbal back-and-forth puts the village council on one side and Mayor Tiffany Henyard on the other.

Edward Steave, an administrator and five others, called a meeting two days ago to advance their agenda to appoint their own legislative attorney. Instead, the group said their village mayor and lawyer blocked their efforts at every turn. Thursday evening, they say they were locked out of town hall and forced to hold their meeting with a quorum in the parking lot.

Things got heated when some of the mayor’s allies came to disrupt the meeting. Valerie Stubbs, a former trustee, said she was stunned by the events.

“I think it’s deplorable of him to lock down elected officials, not just residence managers, so they can’t do business,” Stubbs said.

The developments have infuriated residents like White because she says Dolton is in so much need now and political infighting isn’t helping anyone.

“We’re sitting in a parking lot instead of a building that our tax dollars pay for an hour and a salary from the mayor and trustees.”


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