“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Shares Unseen Photos Of Park Eun Bin And Kang Tae Oh


“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” released never-before-seen photos of Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh!

The drama tells the story of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), a young lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome who joins a big law firm. Due to her high IQ of 164, impressive memory and creative thought process, the brilliant Woo Young Woo graduated at the top of her class from the prestigious Seoul National University for college and law school – but she still finds herself struggling when it comes to social interactions. Kang Tae Oh plays Lee Joon Ho, a popular law firm employee who has a crush on Woo Young Woo.

The never-before-seen footage of the cute couple in bloom captures the warmth and excitement they convey to both each other and the audience, further exciting viewers to see how their relationship will continue to grow.

Throughout her career at Hanbada Law Firm, Woo Young Woo has met various people and tackled various cases, showcasing her growth as a lawyer. Outside of the courtroom, Woo Young Woo is enjoying growth thanks to his heart-pounding feelings for fellow actor Lee Joon Ho, which slowly blossomed into feelings of love. As she embarks on her first love journey and the two try to overcome the hurdle of reality, viewers pay close attention to where their romance is headed.

The first never-before-seen photo of the ‘whale pair’ captures their first joint on-site investigation to search for evidence. As if matching Lee Joon Ho’s, Woo Young Woo is perfectly in tune with him. The photo of the couple looking at the whale painting in their office evokes so much emotion again because Woo Young Woo looks so touched and amazed, while Lee Joon Ho looks at it warmly, creating a silent scene that is deeper. than any word could possibly be.

Once the two get closer and Woo Young Woo is determined to find out if she really likes Lee Joon Ho, she decides that she needs to measure his heart rate when they touch. Lee Joon Ho intentionally walks up to her but then comments, “It’s heartbreaking,” expressing his disappointment at her implication that he doesn’t make her heart beat faster when they’re apart. Although this is the moment their blossoming romance is seemingly confirmed, they are reluctant to go any further.

When Woo Young Woo finally confesses his feelings to Lee Joon Ho, the two are caught in a sticky situation and he is unable to answer her. After a while, Lee Joon Ho finally finds the courage to confess, but Woo Young Woo gets upset and walks away. Finally, the two share a serious conversation about their relationship and decide to get to know each other better before going official. Woo Young Woo then releases a list of date ideas, previewing a wide variety of adorable activities they will soon be doing together.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” writer Moon Ji Won shared, “In growing Young Woo, who is someone who focuses on his own world, I thought I couldn’t leave out the aspect of her inviting someone else into her own world and walking in sync with them, which is why a love story for Young Woo was needed.

They continued, “Until the first half, if they talked about how they fell in love with each other, the second half will bring out deeper concerns.”

The next episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” will air on August 3 at 9 p.m. KST.

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