Genuine Origin partners with Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity in Roaster Village


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Green coffee importer Authentic origin announced today that it will sponsor a booth at Roaster Village in collaboration with the Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity (CCRE) at SCA EXPO in September and October in New Orleans. The initiative will provide visibility and space for black-owned coffee roasting businesses. Participating roasters will have the opportunity to promote their coffee and businesses to the industry in one of the busiest areas of SCA EXPO.

“We are grateful for Genuine Origin’s support for this year’s show,” said Phyllis Johnson, Founder of CEMR. “Their support provides black-owned coffee businesses with visibility, networking, education and growth opportunities. Our success in building racial equity can only be achieved through joint efforts like this. “

“We look forward to showcasing Black-owned roasters, to provide a platform for these companies to showcase their brands and coffee at one of the largest gatherings of coffee professionals in the world,” said said Matt Daks, Director of the Board of Directors for CEMR and Director of Business Development and Commerce for Volcafe Specialty Coffee, sister company of Genuine Origin.

“CEMR’s mission to build a racially diverse and fair coffee industry aligns perfectly with Genuine Origin’s mission to democratize coffee,” commented Robert Sulkow, Digital Marketing Director of Genuine Origin. “Through this partnership, we hope to provide visibility and support to black-owned coffee businesses and make specialty coffee roasting more accessible. The booth will also help a greater number of industry attendees become aware of CEMR’s core message and mission.

“Exposure and networking are essential to the survival of small businesses,” noted Johnson. “We greatly appreciate the generosity of Genuine Origin in helping us showcase Black-owned coffee companies at this year’s Expo. “

The Genuine Origin / CCRE Roaster Village booth is open to black-owned coffee roasting businesses. Up to six roasters will be chosen to share space on the stand. Use of the kiosk will be free for roasters selected by CEMR for the program, but roasters must be prepared to cover any incidental costs associated with participation in the fair, such as: transportation; living room accommodation; food; registration, etc. Companies wishing to get involved should contact CEMR as soon as possible. Roasters can send a direct message to CEMR on Instagram ( or by email to

About genuine origin

Genuine Origin imports coffee from its sister companies to the origins of coffee from around the world and effortlessly delivers it to roasters in the continental United States. Launched in 2016 as a specialty coffee division of global importer Volcafe, Genuine Origin connects roasters with the best green coffee straight from the origin. Working with tens of thousands of coffee producers, both individuals and cooperatives, in nearly 20 countries around the world, Genuine Origin emphasizes traceability, transparency and accessibility. Learn more at – 646-828-8585.

About the Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity

The Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity was established in 2020 with the mission of building a racially diverse and fair coffee industry, where individual talents can be recognized, developed to their full potential and rewarded.

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