Naver partners with Sungkyunkwan University to set up AI academic information platform


[Courtesy of Naver]

SEOUL – Naver, one of the leading web portal service operators in South Korea, has partnered with Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul to establish an integrated university information platform based on artificial intelligence. The platform will be used to connect more researchers globally and to integrate more academic information.

Naver said in a statement on August 25 that the company has signed a cooperation agreement with Sungkyunkwan University, to set up an integrated platform called “Scholytics 2.0”, the second version of Scholytics from Naver released in August 2020. The first version of Scholytics provides academic performance. data from institutions and researchers. Based on the number of citations and articles, users can identify the academic information of researchers.

“We hope that Naver’s technology and AI platform will create an advanced tool for analyzing academic information for more researchers and institutions around the world,” said Shin Dong-ryeol, president of Sungkyunkwan University. Naver said the second version will allow users to more precisely identify researchers using AI analysis.

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