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Our Blues began as a light and airy story of the various people residing on Jeju Island. As the K-drama progresses, it gives more insight into the complications of people whose lives seem quite mundane from the outside. Episodes 7 and 8 focus entirely on Jung In-Gwon (Park Ji-hwan) and Bang Ho-sik (Choi Young-jun) and the latter’s daughter’s pregnancy with the former’s son.

The 7th episode, however, begins with Seon-A (Shin Min-a) recalling what her son said about her and trying to drown. Realizing that she won’t get custody of her son after the divorce, she gives up on life. However, she is rescued by the divers and is admitted to the hospital. Dong-Seok (Lee Byung-hun) lingers in the hospital to make sure she’s okay, but never voices her concerns directly. Captain Jeong-joon (Kim Woo-bin) tells her that the owner of the place where Seon-A was staying doesn’t want anyone to attempt suicide, which is why they threw away her bag. Later, Dong-Seok helps Seon-A find accommodation.

Meanwhile, Yeong-Ju and Hyeon decide to keep the child and go to tell their respective fathers Ho-sik and In-Gwon the news. It’s obviously not going to be easy as the two men, who were inseparable at one point, now hate each other. Eun-Hui also calls and tells Yeong-ju that she knows about her pregnancy.

The way the two fathers react to the news is a direct reflection of their personalities. A former goon, In-Gwon beats his son with every word he says, while Ho-sik, known for his soft voice, hurts himself before getting his hands on his daughter. The former believes that Yeong-ju seduced her son while the latter believes, for his comfort, that Hyeon forced her. The teenage girls repeat that they had sex knowing what they were doing and are now sure they want to keep the baby. Both fathers agree that the child should be aborted.

In between, we see flashbacks of Ho-sik and In-Gwon’s friendship. The two always supported each other and stepped in when the other was in trouble. However, when the first was a player and spent all the money that the second lent him. He never changed his ways. When his wife leaves him alone with his daughter, he goes to In-Gwon again to ask for money. But he humiliates her in front of her daughter and says he is using her to beg for money. He also blames her for being poor and for spending all the money he lent her.

It was then that the two began to break down. Back in the present, In-Gwon lends Ho-sik money so he can help his daughter get an abortion. It reminds him of their days gone by and, as before, he throws away his money. They enter a fight which is interrupted by Eun-hui and Captain Joon, but not before they have fought to a pulp.

At their school, the teenage girls are supported by their classmates who think that Yeong-Ju can go to school even after giving birth. Their teacher wants to see his father before making the final decision.

The 8th episode is a continuation of this story. The two fathers, still around each other’s necks, are not ready to accept the pregnancy. We also learn that the reason In-Gwon’s wife left him is that he accidentally caused the accident and eventual death of his mother. He was always a thug in the eyes of his stepmother, but she didn’t want him to be an embarrassment to her son.

Yeong-Ju’s father once again convinces her to abort the baby and go to Seoul to pursue her dreams, but she is adamant. This leads to a fight between them and her father calling his unborn child “baggage”. Angry, he also calls his daughter the same and says he had a hard time raising her. Yeong-ju leaves his house and takes refuge in a motel, where Seon-A is also staying.

Later, In-Gwon forces Yeong-ju to go to the hospital and have an abortion but is stopped by his son. He pushes him away after refusing to listen to him and says his father has always embarrassed him. Ho-sik also arrives on the scene and ends up beating In-Gwon again for forcing his daughter.

They are held in a cell after the fight, where the two have a non-violent conversation for the first time. Ho-sik tells In-Gwon that he was the only person he could rely on, but he ridiculed him when he needed him the most. After being released from the holding cell, In-Gwon passes out on the stairs of their apartment and Ho-sik rushes him to the hospital.

Ho-sik also visits Yeong-ju’s school and has a talk with his teacher. He leaves, however, without speaking to his daughter. She confronts him and the father-daughter has an emotional moment where she apologizes to him for leaving him and making him feel lonely. She says that even though she has the baby and Hyeon, she is also alone because she doesn’t have her father.

On the other hand, Hyeon visits his father after learning that he has diabetes and did not agree to treatment. Frustrated and heartbroken, he tells his son that to his stepmother, he has always been a jerk. That’s why he couldn’t even stop his wife from leaving. But he never did anything wrong in front of Hyeon. Instead, he left his goofy life behind and took it upon himself to clean pig intestines and boil pig heads so he could raise him. As he leaves, Hyon hugs him from behind and the father-son duo breaks down. This moment of reunion is watched by Ho-sik who also cannot control his tears.

The 7th and 8th episodes are the most complex the series has presented so far. Hyeon and Yeong-ju share very different relationships with their fathers, and each of them has their own way of caring for their children. While screaming and yelling is the only love language he knows, In-Gwon is very concerned that he will end up being an embarrassment to his son. Ho-sik, meanwhile, comes out of his soft shell but never lays a hand on his daughter. The two men, their enmities aside, are alone and hurt by the action of their children.

Our Blues is streaming on Netflix.

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