Seoul’s Hangang Park Ranked 3rd Among World’s Most Scenic Urban Spaces

Ichon Hangang Art Park

Seoul’s Hangang Park is ranked third among the world’s most scenic urban green spaces in a study conducted by green energy experts at Uswitch, a UK-based price comparison service and switching website.

First and second place went to Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London, respectively. Hangang Park was followed by Griffith Park in Los Angeles and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Uswitch analyzed Instagram hashtag data for parks and green spaces in the world’s 100 largest cities to determine which parks are the most Instagram-worthy. Central Park in New York came in first with over 7.9 million hashtags. The park also plays a major role in cleaning the air of the city, thanks to the 18,000 trees that live there. The park’s Conservancy Tree Care team estimates that about one million pounds of carbon dioxide are removed from the city’s air each year thanks to trees.

Hyde Park in London had 2,363,707 hashtags on Instagram. According to Treeconomics and The Royal Parks, Hyde Park’s 4,000 trees remove a total of 2.7 tonnes of pollutants each year and store an impressive 3,900 tonnes of CO2, preventing it from being released into London’s air.

Seoul’s Hangang Park is made up of 12 parks in total and has nearly 750,000 Instagram posts. Last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government planted 90,000 trees in the park to combat fine dust, car emissions and noise pollution.

Two American green spaces, both located in California, complete the top five: Griffith Park in Los Angeles with more than 493,000 Instagram hashtags and Golden Gate Park with nearly 487,000 hashtags.

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