South Korea’s FM Park Holds Mutually Convenient Trip To Tokyo After Shinzo AbeNews Death


Seoul Foreign Minister Park Jin held a press conference Monday morning to briefly explain the country’s diplomatic achievements over the past two months as well as outline its future tasks.
Park reiterated the government’s plans to restore ties with Tokyo, saying he was in talks to arrange a trip there, and he announced his intention to visit China.
Reports by Min Suk-hyen.

Foreign Minister Park Jin again stressed that South Korea will continue its efforts to resolve its outstanding issues with Japan.
Speaking to reporters on Monday, Park said the two countries were in talks to arrange his planned visit to Tokyo, adding that it would take place at a mutually convenient time.
The minister also said that the government seeks to establish a cooperative relationship with Japan, one consistent with their common interests and values.
More importantly, he noted that there was a need to rebuild trust in their ties.
Regarding former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s memorial service, he said a delegation would be sent to pay his respects.

“As you know, the Yoon administration is moving quickly to improve relations with Japan. So, once Japan confirms the timing of the memorial service for former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, we plan to send a high-level delegation with our utmost courtesy.”

Asked about China, he said South Korea would continue to strengthen its diplomacy with the country.
But stressed that mutual respect and trust are important in their relationship.
He said the healthiest relationship between the two would be for Beijing to respect Seoul and for Seoul to understand Beijing.
Noting that China remains an important partner, Park plans to arrange a visit to China for further constructive discussions.
He also expects his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi to visit South Korea this year.

Meanwhile, on North Korea, Park said the government was drawing up a “roadmap” to include what is being called President Yoon’s “bold plan” which aims to improve the regime’s economy once that it will have renounced its nuclear weapons.
Without specifying exact details, the minister said the roadmap will include various incentives to convince the North to denuclearize through a phased approach.
He called on Pyeongyang to resume dialogue and said talks with relevant partners, such as the United States and China, were underway to facilitate such a move.
Min Suk-hyen, Arirang News.


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