The Online University With Lower Acceptance Rate Than Harvard


Did you know that we forget about 75% of everything we learn again? after only six days? This means that schools and universities have the added challenge of finding learning strategies that improve student retention of learning.

COVID-19[feminine] brought nothing but changes to the education industry – learning has moved abruptly online as the closures have prevented students from doing things many previously took for granted, such as walking around campus, having a meal with friends at a cafe, attending lectures, and using campus facilities.

Several online-only institutions existed before the pandemic, which contributed to the popularity of online learning as an offer, such as the People’s University. Minerva University in San Francisco, USA joins the ranks of world-class institutions like Harvard, Colombiaand Oxford when it comes to a highly selective admissions process. In 2020, the online university announced in a statement that it had acceptance rate less than 1%.

Here are some interesting facts about this one-of-a-kind institute.

Online courses and degrees are nothing new. Credit: Yuriy Dyachyshyn/AFP

Online learning is the only option at Minerva University

Over the past decade, Minerva University has been refine an approach focused on more engaging teaching and learning methods. Specific skills are emphasized so students aren’t stuck memorizing content, regurgitating it, and then forgetting about it later.

Instead of being taught, online courses are discussion-based, and capped at 19 students. This is an approach also practiced by Open University of Malaysia (OUM), a private university in Malaysia that offers distance lessons for students. The only difference is that if the OUM offers distance learning courses, the lectures remain traditional. At Minerva, speakers are only permitted to speak until four minutes at a time.

Even grades are awarded differently than in a traditional establishment. Your grades are determined through your interactions with your classmates, by speaking up in class and not by learning passively. Teacher feedback on attendance is also part of your grade, which is announced annually throughout the four years of your undergraduate degree.

Live in seven different countries to complete your studies

Minerva does not have a fixed campus. YesWe and your group mates in the same academic year will travel and live together in dorms through these seven cosmopolitan cities – San Francisco, Seoul, Hyderabad, Berlin, Buenos Aires, London and Taipei.

Students spend their freshman year in San Francisco, California, where the university is headquartered. Then they spend each subsequent semester in another country of their choice.

university minerva

At Minerva University, building lifelong friendships and leaving an impact in the community is just as important as academic rigor. Source: Minerve University, Facebook

The world is your shell

Students are required to explore the city they live in each semester as part of their learning. They must carry out missions ranging from organize demonstrations at organize events to become full graduates.

From morning rituals like running and yoga to discussions with leading figures and organizations, the university not only provides, but encourages a wide range of stimulating activities outside the classroom.

An important aspect of the bachelor’s degree is to improve the city you live in for one semester – which is why community projects are a big part of the Minerva University experience.

The application process is not for the weak

For some, the scariest part of leaving high school is applying to college. High-achieving students can aim for top institutions like Yale, where the application process requires a lot of energy, time, and effort from the applicant. He has a dedicated page on its website so that students can refer to it when preparing their application.

The same goes for Minerva University. Although the application process is the same for all students regardless of major, it is unconventional in that the application process changes every year. Nevertheless, based on what former candidates have mentioneddecisions will not be made based on standardized test results but rather things for which you cannot study. These can range from interviews to essays detailing who you are as a person and what you have accomplished.

Minerva University only admits people in whom they see potential, regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, or even financial status. The institute usually lets you know if you are accepted or rejected within four weeks.


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