The SNUH will participate in the construction of the 1st university hospital in Laos


Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) said on Monday it will help build the first national university hospital in Laos.

Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) has signed an agreement to help provide consultation and training to Laos to establish its first national teaching hospital.

SNUH has signed a consultation agreement for the Lao Ministry of Health regarding the establishment of the National Hospital of the University of Health Sciences of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (UHS-Laos).

UHS-Laos will be the first national teaching hospital in the Southeast Asian country to improve medical services, foster professional training and improve the health and medical environment.

After construction, SNUH will provide medical services from 24 specialized departments and clinics, including a simulation center and other facilities, the hospital said.

Korea’s top hospitals have formed a consortium and participated in the tender to help build the National University Hospital in Laos.

The consortium formed by SNUH, the Korea Health Industry Development Institute and a few other construction consulting firms was selected by Laos in September and signed an agreement in November.

The Economic Development Cooperation Fund plans to support the cost of the consultancy project worth 12.6 billion won ($10.6 million).

SNUH would train local experts to manage the hospital and operation plans for four years in Korea. After the future opening of UHS-Laos, professional medical providers will be sent to Laos for three years to share medical technology.

Laos faces increasing demand for medical care but lacks patient care infrastructure due to relatively weak medical services. After the project is completed, SNUH expects Laos to significantly reduce the number of patients seeking medical treatment in other countries and its hospital to serve as a training ground to foster professional medical personnel.

“We regularly run programs, including Seoul’s Lee Jong-wook Project launched in 2010, to train and educate faculty members at Laos University of Health Sciences in medical knowledge and skills,” said Professor Lee Dong-yeon from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. at SNUH said. “The consultation for the establishment of the UHS hospital is part of our projects to help build the first national university hospital in Laos.”


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