Towson University: Roars heard around the world


Three TU students have unique study abroad experiences

There are many opportunities for students at Towson University to broaden their perspectives,
whether on their home campus or abroad.

The Study abroad office—Housed in the Office of International Initiatives — creates high impact educational programs
experiences in many universities around the world in

“Some students may never have traveled outside of the mid-Atlantic and might think that
studying abroad is not even a possibility for them, ”says Mélanie Perreault, provost
and executive vice president for academic and student affairs. “Our study abroad team
is here to help make international experiences an option for all TU students, be it
it’s a short-term experience, a full semester or more. ”

When Deja McLean decided to study abroad in South Korea, she worried about the
details: where to stay, how to get around and how to deal with COVID-19 restrictions.

But by partnering with CIS Abroad and the Towson University Study Abroad Office, McLean
someone was looking after her the whole way. It also helped that his freshman year
senior advisor was Liz Shearer, director of the Study Abroad Office.

“I was going to plan the whole experience myself, but through Liz and CIS Abroad,
it was like a weight had been taken off my shoulder, ”says McLean. “To have Liz for support
system from the start has been amazing. I’m really grateful to him, and we keep going
check with each other, and I’ll send her updates and photos. ”

By working with TU and CIS Abroad, McLean also had more time for his academics
like immersing yourself in the local culture. This includes a visit to the Starfield COEX
underground shopping mall in Gangnam-gu Seoul, South Korea.

“It might seem like a small experience to some, but it was huge for me,” said McLean.
“I was able to experience South Korean nightlife for the first time with my friends.
With the people and the billboards illuminating the neighborhood, I felt so alive at the time. ”

Matthew Price and his family have always loved traveling, and he describes his parents
like nomads.

When Price saw that Towson University offered study abroad options, he jumped on the
luck. In fact, while his school year didn’t start until October, Price arrived in
Germany on September 6 to give a boost to his stay there.

“It can be scary to go to a place where you don’t speak the language and be far away
of your family and friends. But at the same time everything is new to you and it is
like euphoria, ”Price says.“ It gives you a life experience that teaches you about the real world.
skills. While there are still those scary moments, it’s something I haven’t regretted. ”

Plus, as befits his major, Price has enjoyed hundreds of years of just history.
by taking fast train journeys. A memory that made a strong impression is the trip
south of Dachau town and visit the WWII Concentration Camp Museum

“One of the advantages of being [in Germany] is there so much history, ”says Price.
“There have been tons of battles nearby, and wherever you are in Germany or Europe, it’s
littered with all kinds of stories hundreds to thousands of years ago. ”

Kyle Powers has always been interested in South Korea. He studied Korean martial arts
taekwondo art form for over a decade and has learned to speak Korean since
high school.

But like many, he thought his dream of living abroad would cost too much. While working
with TU’s study abroad office, he found out that through scholarships and the choice of the
good program, he could follow an easy route to spend a stay abroad.

“Every step of the Liz path [Shearer] and the Study Abroad Office were there to help
me, “Powers says.” From filling scholarship applications to filling demand
at Yonsei University, [the Study Abroad Office] was there to help me.

“From the first moment I met Liz, I could really tell she loved what she was doing.
which made me excited to take the study abroad program. ”

It also allowed him to study at one of the best universities in South Korea and meet
other students from all over the world. In fact, her favorite experience so far is talking
with other exchange students and learn their thoughts on the United States.

“This trip really opened up my mind and my way of thinking,” Powers says. “Get
a direct and external point of view on things happening in our country and in other countries
helps you open up your way of thinking to the world. ”

This press release was produced by Towson University. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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