University revokes admission to medical school of Cho Kuk’s daughter


Kim Hong-won, vice-president of the National University of Pusan, announced at a press conference the university’s decision to cancel the admission in 2015 of the daughter of the former justice minister Cho Kuk, Cho Min. [YONHAP]

Pusan ​​National University (PNU) said on Tuesday it would revoke its 2015 acceptance of the daughter of former justice minister Cho Kuk to its medical school.

Kim Hong-won, vice president of PNU, held a press conference at the school in the southern port city of Busan in the afternoon and announced the university’s decision to cancel the admission of Cho Min at his medical school. The decision was announced after an internal investigative panel probed Cho’s admission process and analyzed a recent appeals court ruling that her mother had committed multiple counts of fraud for her. ” help to enter universities and colleges.

“The admission guidelines used at the time indicated that an applicant would be rejected if an item submitted was wrong,” Kim said.

Cho, the 29-year-old daughter of former minister Cho Kuk and Dongyang University professor Chung Kyung-sim, is at the center of the admissions scandal. Chung was sentenced by the Seoul High Court earlier this month for carrying out a series of academic frauds to help Cho enter universities and colleges, including PNU’s medical school.

Cho was admitted to Korea University in 2010 and graduated in 2014. She was admitted to PNU medical school in 2015 and was due to graduate this year.

In April, the university formed a fairness review committee to conduct an internal investigation into Cho’s admission process. During its final deliberation, the panel considered the latest data such as the verdict in Cho’s mother’s appeal trial.

On August 11, the Seoul High Court upheld the district court’s ruling that Chung fabricated documents and obstructed the admission process for Korea University and two medical schools, including PNU. She was sentenced to four years in prison.

Chung was charged with 15 counts and found guilty of all seven counts associated with her daughter’s admission fraud.

The court ruled that Chung fabricated Cho’s Award from Dongyang University and internship certificates from prestigious institutions such as Seoul National University’s Center for Public Interests and Human Rights Law, Institute of biotechnology research at Kongju National University, Dankook University Medical Sciences Research Institute and KIST.

“The defendant was able to watch her daughter be admitted to PNU medical school, while another plaintiff suffered the enormous loss of being dismissed,” the High Court said. “His crimes have seriously undermined our society’s confidence in the integrity and fairness of the school admission system.

The panel concluded that an award from Dongyang University and other extracurricular activities indicated in the nomination were not crucial factors that led to its acceptance, but it does not matter whether they were important or not when we make the decision to cancel his admission. ”

Kim said the university initially planned to make a decision on Cho’s fate after the conclusion of Chung’s trial at the highest level, based on the presumption of innocence, but decided to rescind the acceptance. de Cho on the basis of the appeal court ruling as the verdict appears to be sufficient.

For the moment, the PNU’s decision is a preliminary administrative measure. Kim said it would take about three months to officially revoke her admission.

Kim also added that the decision to quash Cho’s admission could be overturned if the Supreme Court overturns the High Court’s ruling on Chung.

Chung appealed the High Court’s conviction to the Supreme Court.

After passing the state medical license exam in January, Cho is currently working as an intern at Hanil General Hospital, run by the Korea Electric Power Corporation, or Kepco.

The Department of Health and Welfare said on Tuesday it would initiate follow-up administrative action to revoke his medical license. PNU’s decision to revoke Cho’s admission to medical school and her medical degree automatically voids her qualification for passing the state medical license exam.



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