What would happen if Park Hae-soo’s Sang-woo won Squid Game? The actor shares honest thoughts


In a recent interview with Discussing Film, actor Park Hae-soo shared what he thinks his character would do if Seoul University graduate but heavily in debt Sang-woo wins the $45.6 million. KRW Squid Games.

The 40-year-old actor, who lived as Sang-woo for months, believes the fictional character would have lost all the money (mostly due to more bad investments) and returned to killing games.

“I think even if he had been the winner, he would find himself back in the game after losing all the cash.”

Park Hae-soo talks about Sang-woo’s winning Squid Game and things he’d like to see in the sequel

Netflix recently announced season 2 of the Korean phenomenon squid game and thanks to the renewal, the world has started falling down the “What if” game rabbit hole again with the series.

Park Hae-soo, 40, otherwise known in South Korea, rose to international fame through his role in the hit Netflix series, squid game. The actor played Cho Sang-woo, one of the game’s key characters and actors.

Sang-woo introduced himself as the logical and most strategic person of all. However, he was also one of those people who weren’t shy about acting on morally wrong things to come out on top.

park haesoo is so good at squid game. It is unfair. i hate his character so much 😒 https://t.co/PX8Hly51jE

In an alternate universe, if Sang-woo had won a whopping KRW 45.6 million, Park Hae-soo thinks he would still be back next year because he would have run out of money. The character was known to be heavily in debt, with the police behind him for fraud.

squid gameSang-woo’s finale pitted his close friend Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) against whom he was a little envious. Gi-hun had what he didn’t – an easy-going personality and an optimistic outlook on life. Gi-hun being proud of Sang-woo’s achievement of SNU was also something the audience saw Sang-woo being frustrated with.

park haesoo as cho sangwoo in squid game (2021) https://t.co/jbyyoPy0x7

After attempting to kill his childhood friend in the final game, vulnerability overwhelms him. He stabs himself and lets Gi-hun emerge victorious.

While the finale suggested that Sang-woo was dead, the question of whether or not he would return still lingers, as does the return of Sae-byeok’s brother and The Front Man.

When asked if there was anything he would like to see in Squid Game season 2 and its unlikely return, Park Hae-soo commented,

“Well, whether my character comes back or not [in Squid Game Season 2], it’s all in the head of the director. So it’s not something I can say for sure. What I’d like to see is Gi-hun’s character development and his relationship with the masked man. It’s something I can’t wait to see. »

Meanwhile, Park Hae-soo also shared another traditional children’s game he would like to see in the sequel to Squid Game, commenting that there are still many Korean games the world still doesn’t know about.

“As for games, there are so many Korean traditional childhood games that people haven’t seen yet. I would love to see something like Korean traditional jump rope.

The squid game star will next be seen in another potentially successful Netflix series, Money Heist Korea: Common Economic Space. The remake of the Spanish series will be released worldwide on June 24.

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