31 of Cannes’ hottest directors, from Park Chan-Wook to Mia Hansen-Love (exclusive photos)


Every year when TheWrap builds its portfolio of Cannes Film Festival directors, I think of something Sony Pictures Classics co-director Tom Bernard said to me when we premiered this feature film eight years ago: “My dream to go to Cannes would be to go there as a director,” he said. “They really are the stars of the festival.” Yes, the Croisette sees many movie stars, including the two Toms , Cruise and Hanks this year, but the directors are the real stars and the heart of the festival. continents, from Los Angeles to Paris, from Seoul to Casablanca, from Aubervilliers to Ightham (yes, we had to look up where those two places are) and New Delhi to kyiv. photographer in Ukraine in the middle of the war, but the only director Our Ukrainian official selection, Maksim Nakonechnyi, was photographed by a local photographer for our magazine at the end of April, at a time when his country was under attack. That his movie, Butterfly visionappears at the festival is a testament to the power of the art of speaking in the darkest of times, and we welcome his country to our portfolio for the first time.


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