Mandatory Eat Miami Restaurant Guide 2022


Something happened in Miami last year that was unprecedented – even in these unprecedented times.

As much of the world took small steps in its recovery from the pandemic, Miami broke a land speed record. Real estate prices have skyrocketed as people from elsewhere have moved here in droves.

It wasn’t just tech and bird friends flying south – restaurateurs from New York, London and Chicago flocked to the Miami area.

Combined with the more typical cycle of restaurant openings and closings, we were once again reminded that Miami’s food scene is ever-changing.

One thing remains certain in these uncertain times: food is not just food for the body. It is food for the soul. And, as we come out of our COVID-induced isolation, we reunite with friends and loved ones, often over a meal.

Our old favorites (and a few new ones) are there to greet us with a smile. And, whether we’re browsing the menu at a five-star restaurant or enjoying a cheeseburger and beer at a beloved restaurant, we’re fueled by the calories and kinship that a good restaurant offers.

In this spirit, New times is pleased to present our third annual guide to our favorite restaurants in Miami. “Required Eating 2022: Our 100 Favorite Miami Restaurants” celebrates dining establishments we search – you might find a handful of flashy newcomers here, but most are places we know well, the joints we’ve been digging into for years.

– Laine Doss, culinary editor

PS: As always, if we have omitted your favorite, please let us know at [email protected]


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