Seoul Cyber ​​University and Mines Advisory Group join forces to develop educational programs


Seoul Cyber ​​University and Mines Advisory Group join forces to develop educational programs

Officials from the Mines Advisory Group and Seoul Cyber ​​University pose for a photo during a signing ceremony on Thursday. (Seoul Cyber ​​University)

Seoul cyber university on Thursday signed an agreement with the Mines Advisory Group to collaborate on the development of educational programs and increase professional human resources in mine action, the Korean online university said on Sunday.

The agreement involves the two parties jointly developing an educational training program in line with International Mine Action Standards for the enactment of mine action laws.

The parties also agreed to work to strengthen the Korean military and encourage private sector participation in mine action by training professionals on the ground.

They will also participate in the official development assistance project of Gyeonggi province in the management of mines planted near the Mekong River, helping the authorities in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to better respond to landmines and ensure the safety of their population.

Manchester-based Mines Advisory Group, a non-profit charitable organization established in 1989, has some 4,000 employees in 69 countries who carry out mine action projects. The group was part of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines coalition which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.

Mikael Bold, technical director of the Mines Advisory Group, said in a statement that he expects the latest agreement to help build the skills of developing countries facing mining challenges by partnering with the Seoul Cyber University, with well-equipped e-learning platforms.

Kwon Goo-soon, professor of international relations at Seoul Cyber ​​University, said the deal would provide an opportunity for the school to provide more educational programs and opportunities for military students to progress in the fields. areas of mine action.

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